To further the understanding of our outdoor heritage, including the positive role of hunting, through the creation and support of wildlife and conservation educational programs that are consistent with the educational mission and purposes of SCI and SCI Foundation.

Past Presidents (from Left) Mary Lynn West, Mona Meryman, Sherry Maddox, Sandra Sadler, and Ginger Byrum

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Veronica Kosich, Sables President

SCI Sables, through a SCI Bylaw provision, are a membership group within Safari Club International that was formed in 1984 for the purpose of raising funds to support the SCIF American Wilderness Leadership School near Jackson, Wyoming.

  • Over the years Sables evolved from an organization of women to men and women SCI members.
  • This unique membership group continues to focus its energy on guiding and raising funds for education programs.
  • The SCI Bylaws require that all funds raised by Sables are dedicated to SCI Foundation education programs and gives oversight responsibilities of those programs.

Sables SCIF education programs, today, include 5 fully endowed college scholarships, three scholarship programs to support graduate and undergraduate college students studying wildlife ecology, national youth programs such as National Archery in the Schools Program, Boy Scouts of America, The Salvation Army Outdoors and grants to SCI Chapters to develop and enhance local programs for youth in their communities.

  • Sables major fund raising is at the Annual Sables Luncheon Show & Auction held at the SCI Convention.
  • Other ways to raise funds is through individual SCI and Sables members.
  • Because education programs are operated through the SCI Foundation 501(c)3 tax organization, donations from individual members can be used as a U.S. tax deduction.

You can help Sables make a difference in sustaining our hunting heritage. We pass on a conservation message and the positive role of hunting to today’s youth and to the next generations of leaders, hunters and voters.

Thank you for your membership in Sables! Your membership has directly contributed to funding SCI Foundation education programs.

We thank you for your continued support through donations to SCI Foundation education programs.

First for Education.

Veronica Kosich


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