She Hunts Skills Camp

Join SCIF and She Hunts Skills Camp in conserving wildlife and educating the next generation of hunter conservationists!

The goal of our camp is to help women develop skills and build confidence in the outdoors in order to become strong and independent hunters.

Now, more than ever, we need every single person to stand with SCIF and She Hunts Skills Camp to ensure that the next generation is prepared to take on the important role of hunter-conservationist.  Wildlife around the world depends on hunters and hunting for its very survival, and recent studies show significant declines in the number of new hunters in the US, underscoring how critical our education efforts have become. The time is now to support wildlife by helping SCIF engage and retain new sportsmen and women, which is critical to continuing the gains made for wildlife over the past century with the help of the North American Model of Conservation and the funding derived from hunters for conservation through the Pitman-Robertson Act.

SCI Foundation proud to be the Title Sponsor of the She Hunts Skills Camp and supports their mission to foster more women into the world of hunting.

She Hunts Skills Camp with Brittany Boddington 

The She Hunts Skills Camp was created by Brittany Boddington to help give women a safe space to develop skills and build confidence in their abilities in the outdoors. We try to give the ladies everything they need to get out there and go hunting. We not only give them knowledge and personalized training but we also provide them with a swag bag filled with all the essentials to get out in the field. Our goal is to help educate women about hunting so they can be strong and independent hunters and hopefully pass their knowledge on to the next generation.

Hunting has been a traditionally male dominated sport but the tide is turning. There are more new female hunters getting tags yearly than new males which make females the fastest growing demographic in the hunting industry. What we have observed is that not all these new hunters have a solid mentor to give them the basic knowledge they need. Many ladies had a father, brother or partner that hunted and they have fond memories of going with them but alone they lack the confidence to take their kids out hunting without that mentor. We aim to give these ladies the tools to create those memories for their children. We have also had a high number of ladies attend the camp that have lost their hunting partner, some to divorce and others to death. These ladies still want to go hunting but their partner had always done the work for them by sighting in their gun or mounting their scopes or even gutting the animals they hunted together. The She Hunts Skills Camp is a perfect place to come and learn. It doesn’t matter if it is a refresher course or if it is the first exposure to hunting, everyone learns something.

The She Hunts Skills Camp has become much more than a place to learn. The camp changes lives by giving these ladies the tools to enjoy the outdoors confidently. The ladies leave with profound friendships and life long memories but they also leave as stewards to the outdoors. They come back with friends and encourage others to experience hunting. They take their kids hunting and they raise them on lean organic meat that they harvest themselves. By creating more wildlife enthusiasts we hope to help preserve our hunting heritage for future generations.

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