SCI Foundation’s Dream Hunts Sweepstakes is here!

We want to make your hunting dreams come true – and at the same time unleash a whole new level of powerful support for our hunting and the wildlife we all love. Sign up to be a Monthly Giver and automatically be entered to win ongoing prizes! $100,000 Grand Prize drawing to be held at the 2025 SCI Convention.


$100,000* allowance to spend on the hunt(s) of your choice!

What would you do if all of a sudden you had an extra hundred grand to spend on a hunt or two? You can live your dream whether it is in some far off exotic location or something a little closer to home. Maybe it is a Lord Derby eland safari in Cameroon, a brown bear hunt in Alaska or Kamchatka, or a giant elk in Rockies. What about a hunt for bighorn sheep, Cape buffalo or markhor? It’s up to you to spend the $100,000 allowance however you want. But you can’t win if you don’t enter.

What hunts would you book with an extra $100,000 in your pocket…

How to get entries:

  • Sign up for Monthly Giving and get one entry for every $25 of monthly giving during the Sweepstakes Period (January 23, 2024 – January 31, 2025). For example, sign up for $50 in Monthly Giving in August and get two entries per month for seven months or fourteen entries. Sign up for $25 in October and get one entry per month for four months or four entries. No individual tickets will be sold. Only Monthly Givers will be entered.
  • Get 5 extra entries for each person you get to sign up for monthly giving.  Be sure they enter your name in the referral box when signing up.

Sign up for the Monthly Giving program today and in addition to receiving your Hunt Sweepstakes entries throughout the year you will also be entered into multiple drawings only for our Monthly Givers (these include the $100,000 Grand Prize, some extra hunt giveaways, and the occasional gear, apparel, and extra giveaways).

For sweepstakes rules, information, or to sign up by phone, visit or contact Kimberly Byers at (520) 798‐4891 or

*See official rules for prize details and restrictions. No purchase is necessary to enter.


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