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The SCI Canada Foundation was established to fund and manage Canadian programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian services. By fulfilling these three aspects of its mission, SCIF Canada will also succeed in preserving and protecting your rights to hunt.


At the local, national, and even international level, Canadian SCI chapters have established programs for youth that promote conservation, the hunting heritage, shooting sports, and appreciation and respect for nature.

College Scholarships: SCIF Canada and Education/Sables Scholarships are available to students majoring in natural resource management or related fields.

The American Wilderness Leadership Schools in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a college level course in conservation education for teachers and other educators interested in learning how they can teach conservation to their students. SCI Canadian chapter have sent endless teachers through this program to bring the message of conservation back to our Canadian students. These are the wildlife managers of tomorrow.


Whether you consider yourself a passionate conservationist or a supporter of all things wild, it is critical that every one of us continues to support conservation programs. SCIF Canada is able to make the most out of the contributions you’re able to give and accomplish all the goals that are important to sports men and women everywhere. We strive to preserve game and non-game species and wet and dry habitats as part of our responsibility to the land, in concert with conditions accepted on a local and global scale. We are the only Canada wide leaders in supporting conservation projects and wildlife research both Provincially, Federally and throughout the world.


SCIF Canada bring hunting dreams to reality to the disabled and terminally ill, provides humanitarian relief efforts by providing medical help to communities in need. Numerous animal mounts, pelts, horns and antlers, combined with narration and sound, provide an introduction to wildlife to thousands of Canadian students every year. SCIF Canada and the Canadian Chapters promote courage and dignity while enabling the disabled to enjoy hunts locally. Thousands of meals are served to Canada’s hungry every year through generous donations of meat from nature’s resources.

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These programs are funded exclusively through the generous donations contributed by people who care about the future of conservation in Canada

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SCI Canada Foundation receives lion mount at the Red Deer and District Chapter’s annual Roar!

A little over a year ago SCIF Canada  was contacted by Guzoo a private animal farm in Three Hills Alberta about an aging mature Male lion that was going to be euthanized, in the hopes that SCI might be able to help find a home for this majestic animal.  When SCIF Canada heard about this they jumped at the chance to preserve the animal and use it for educational purposes throughout Canada. Don MacGregor the president of the Red Deer and District Chapter took the lead ensuring proper care of the hide and finding a taxidermist willing to mount the lion for SCI Canada Foundation. Povl and Bibianne from Mountain View Taxidermy agreed to do the taxidermy work as a donation to the foundation. The Lion was presented at the Red Deer and District annual Roar on Feb 28th and will make its way around Canada. Since the Roar it made an appearance at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsman show at the Northern Alberta SCI Chapter’s booth where they had a smaller version of a sensory safari. Where children and adults were able to touch and feel various skins and mounts. It was also front and center in St. Albert Alberta March 28th at the Northern Alberta Chapter annual Fundraiser. It will continue on its trek through Western Canada this year and making its way to Eastern Canada in the sprint of 2016. We want to thank Don MacGregor and Mountain View Taxidermy for all of their hard work and dedication bringing us this awesome Lion mount.

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SCIF Canada is a Canadian non-profit, established for Canadian funding of Conservation Projects. 

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Since 2000, SCI Foundation has provided more than $80 million to promote science-based conservation through wildlife research, capacity building in governments, youth and teacher education, and humanitarian programs that show the importance of the hunting community in society around the world. Growth of SCI Foundation has continued to gain momentum through charitable donations from SCI members and direct grants from local chapters and the SCI organization. Throughout the world, SCI’s approximately 50,000 members and 190 chapters contribute time, talent, and financial support to local, national, and international projects.


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