Sables Membership

Sables Mission

To further the understanding of our outdoor heritage, including the positive role of hunting, through the creating and support of wildlife and conservation educational programs that are consistent with the educational mission and purposes of SCI and SCI Foundation.

As the new Sables’ President, I am excited about and committed to recruiting younger women into our membership because Sables can provide the mentorship and guidance they need to become future leaders. Sables can also provide a space where women hunters and non-hunting women, who support our hunting lifestyle and education mission, can feel support from the sisterhood of hunters and those that support proper wildlife conservation.  As a woman hunter, I feel the Sables are an important aspect of my SCI Membership and know the Sables will provide a welcoming home to women hunters for many years to come.

Susan Hayes – Sables President 2023-2024

How To Become A Member

There are three types of Sables membership:

  • 1-year Education Advocate – $35
  • 3-year Education Advocate – $75
  • Sables Lifetime Education Advocate – $500
  • Sables Lifetime Education Advocate (Current SCI Life Member) – $250

Join, renew or upgrade your Sables membership today!

Send your application to Katie Robinson at

SCI Chapter Sables Committees

Starting an SCI Chapter Sables Committee within a local SCI Chapter is a fantastic opportunity and effective way to engage with likeminded women.

Chapter Sables Committees are encouraged to collaborate with their SCI Chapter and members in all activities including raising funds for education programs and in making decisions about what education programs to support. Chapter Sables Committees are considered ambassadors to SCI Chapters in networking with education organizations within their communities. They make introductions between SCI and education organizations and facilitate program support. They promote education programs among SCI Chapter members and work to gain public recognition for SCI in its support for education programs.

Chapter Sables Representatives act as leaders of the Chapter Sables Committee of their SCI Chapter and as liaisons between their chapter Sables members and the SCI Sables Governing Board. A Chapter Sables Representative must be a member of the Safari Club International Sables and a member of SCI.

Once you have your Sables Chapter Representative and a Sables Committee you can start fundraising and doing supporting education within your chapter.

Please see below for annual contributions to National Sables.

Any Chapter holding an SCI charter may have a Sables Committee within such Chapter; provided, however, such Sables Committee shall be led by a Sables representative who is a member in good standing of the Chapter, SCI and Sables. Each SCI Chapter Sables Committee should abide by the Sables Canons, Sables Policies and Procedures, SCI Bylaws and SCI Policies and Procedures applicable to Chapters.

Annual Dues

Each SCI Chapter Sables Committee may set dues for its local Sables Committee and use such dues and any funds raised by the Committee for the benefit of the Chapter’s local education service project. Sables requests each SCI Chapter Sables Committee hold at least one annual fundraiser and make a contribution of at least thirty percent (30%) of the proceeds from such fundraiser to SCIF specifically for the benefit of Sables’ education programs. Sables encourages SCI Chapter Sables Committees to be dynamic, active and engaged groups within their communities furthering the Sables’ mission and raising funds to conduct educational activities.





Since 2000, SCI Foundation has provided more than $80 million to promote science-based conservation through wildlife research, capacity building in governments, youth and teacher education, and humanitarian programs that show the importance of the hunting community in society around the world. Growth of SCI Foundation has continued to gain momentum through charitable donations from SCI members and direct grants from local chapters and the SCI organization. Throughout the world, SCI’s approximately 50,000 members and 190 chapters contribute time, talent, and financial support to local, national, and international projects.


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