Biggest Outdoors Day Ever at the International Wildlife Museum!

The International Wildlife Museum has been hosting Outdoors Day since 2014. This is a day where the museum offers reduced admission and a slew of outdoor activities and booths for families. This year, a record-breaking 1,131 people came to Outdoors Day who were introduced to outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking and archery. Museum staff were able to introduce hundreds of people to archery, many of which ask how and where they can continue shooting after trying and loving it. Visitors also got to go on a guided nature hike where they learned about Sonoran Desert plants, wildlife camouflage, animal skull, track and scat identification.

Many like-minded organizations joined the museum for this event including the National Wild Turkey Federation, which has been bringing their inflatable bb gun shooting experience since Outdoors Day began. The museum was also joined by the Arizona Chapter of SCI, Pima County Sheriff Search & Rescue, Marine Awareness Conservation Society, Southern Arizona Reptile Rescue & Education, ASARCO Mining, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. Each organization had a booth showcasing what they do with hands-on activities. The Reptile Rescue brought out over 20 live reptiles that visitors were able to handle. The Rockin’ Star Ranch brought an amazing petting zoo and horses for horseback rides.

The museum is passionate about getting kids excited about outdoor activities and recreation and continues to share the message about how hunting is a valuable and necessary tool in wildlife conservation each day to visitors.