A Family Affair

Pictured left to right: SCI Foundation President Warren A. Sackman, III, Harrison Woodruff and Buck Woodruff

“SCI and SCI Foundation are lucky to have some of the most passionate hunters in the world who support and contribute at an incredible level to our Mission of being First for Wildlife,” said Jordan Hasler, SCI Foundation Director of Development. “We’d like to welcome Harrison Woodruff as our youngest African Lion level donor in SCI Foundation’s Society of the Lion & Shield program. He joins several others who are part of our Lion and Shield program while doing it as a family. Thanks to Harrison and the entire Woodruff family for their incredible support and leadership within our organization.”

SCI Foundation’s donor recognition program is called the Society of the Lion & Shield.  The giving program offers donors the flexibility to direct their gifts to the area for which are most passionate and provides them the choice to see their funds used now or in the future via a restricted endowment.  The program works on a cumulative basis as you move up the animal levels over time, starting from the Cape Buffalo level at $5,000 all the way up to the African Lion level at $100,000 and above.  There are many levels and ways to donate as every dollar helps to fund our mission and sustain our organization. Explore the SCI Foundation website at SafariClubFoundation.org to learn more.