Win A 5-Day Bezoar Ibex Hunt in Turkey

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Enter sweepstakes to win a 5-day one-on-one guided Anatolian (Bezoar) Ibex hunt in Turkey with world famous outfitter Kaan Karakaya of Shikar Safaris. The Anatolian Ibex, which has the world’s longest horns in relation to body weight (140 lbs), is the most handsome of the Ibex species with horns as long as 55.”  The hide of the male Ibex is decorated in a wonderful harmony of black and white during the rutting season. 

About the Hunt

Ibex hunt is a typical spot and stalk hunt. Start the day early by driving to the mountain for around 30-45 minutes from the hotel/lodge. Then glass and try to find the best trophy. It is very common to see 10-15 male ibex a day if the hunt takes place during the rut. Spotting scopes are very important to judge the trophy size and compare with other males. After locating the desired trophy, the final stalk is carried out on foot. The shooting distance is usually around 200-250 meters (220-275 yards).

The hunt is open November 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025 and includes a Visa invitation, hunting licenses, gun import permit, hunting organization up to 5 days, one trophy fee, area fees, customs clearance, transfer from/to closest airport of main destination, full board accommodation at hunting area, interpreter, and local guide.

About Shikar Safaris

Shikar Safaris is based in Turkey and has been organizing hunts in Asia & Europe for over 20 years. They have travelled many many times to each destinations and over the years and have built teams of highly skilled and professional staff at each camp, airport and city to make sure that everybody has an experience of a lifetime. They have organized over 3500 successful hunts and many hunters have taken World Record trophies.

Each $20 sweepstake ticket not only gives you a chance at an incredible experience but also contributes to the SCI Foundation’s wildlife conservation efforts. Your dedicated support for wildlife and their natural habitats means everything to us.

Shikar Safaris is far and away the most experienced and buttoned up outfitting service we’ve ever hunted with, and we can’t give him a high enough recommendation. We would encourage everyone to get involved in these sweepstakes.
Ben and Brittany Maki, past winners