Bezoar Ibex Sweepstake Winners Recount Their Experience

Brittany and Ben Maki Winners of the World Class Outfitter Shikar Safaris Bezoar Ibex Hunt Sweepstake

Brittany shares that she always looks forward to SCIF’s literature. Upon seeing the Ibex sweepstakes giveaway with world class outfitter, Shikar Safaris, she knew she had to purchase a ticket. When SCIF CEO Laird Hamberlin called to inform her that she won, she couldn’t believe it. She was thrilled to be able to give the hunt to her husband, Ben.

Here is their story: We flew into Instanbul. Then traveled to the region of Antalya in the southern part of Turkey which is where the hunt took place. We had the pleasure of hunting with Kaan Karakaya. When we first arrived in Istanbul, we were greeted by the driver Shikar Safaris had arranged for us. There is not a single detail that was overlook and the entire trip was so carefully considered. After touring in Istanbul, we made our way to Antalya. Our lodging was situated in the middle of an orange orchard which was so charming, and every detail there was five star. The food and hospitality were both fantastic. The hunt itself was top tier. We saw gold medal caliber Bezoar Ibex billies every time we went out including several that were well over 50 inches.

Ben killed a billy the second day that was just under 50 inches. His shot was from a little over 100 hundred yards, so a very reasonable from a distance perspective. Our guides put us right on top of the billy, and Ben had plenty of time to make a good, lethal shot. Every part of the hunt exceptional and all in all, it was a 5 star experience.

Shikar Safaris is far and away the most experienced and buttoned up outfitting service we’ve ever hunted with, and we can’t give him a high enough recommendation.

We would encourage everyone to get involved in these giveaways and raffles. SCIF does such a wonderful job of putting them together and offering them regularly. The trophy quality of the areas in Shikars is some of the best in the world. And they attended to every detail of the logistics from the moment we touched down in Istanbul. They also helped us organize guided tours of several different areas of Turkey including Istanbul, Antalya, and Kapadoyka. That ended up being a highlight of our trip and also a first class experience.


Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a 5-day one-on-one guided Anatolian (Bezoar) Ibex (42″-45″) hunt in Turkey with world famous outfitter Kaan Karakaya of Shikar Safaris. Sweepstake ends June 30, 2024!