SCIF-Sables Endowed Hunting Heritage Scholarship Program Recipient

SCIF and Sables is proud to announce Jocelyn Stansbury from University of Montana was selected as a recipient of the SCIF Sables Brown-Monson Foundation Hunting Heritage Scholarship. Jocelyn is currently a senior in the Wildlife Biology program. She received a scholarship for the 2023/24 academic year. Jocelyn recently thanked SCIF and The Sables while sharing her education path, who influenced her, and how she hopes to use her education after graduation to advance conservation efforts.

“First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your generous SCIF Sables Brown Monson Foundation Hunting Heritage Scholarship, and the opportunity provided to pursue my goals of research and education in wildlife biology for the University of Montana. The University of Montana first appealed to me because of their incredible wildlife biology program, and my excitement only increased with each experience through the semesters. I chose the University of Montana because it felt like a school I would excel in and I intended to make the most of the opportunities provided. So far, I have succeeded in my intentions. I am currently a member of Davidson Honors College, enrolled in the Frankie Global Leadership Initiative program, and dedicate as much time as I can to learning hands-on field skills. My interest in wildlife biology started with the proximity to National Park Service employees, from growing up in National Parks, that supplied me with the amazing opportunity to volunteer with the Yosemite Bear and Wildlife Management team at the age of fourteen. I have volunteered and worked with the Park Service ever since then, fueling my passion to continue to study wildlife biology at higher education. Earnest academic rigor has always been a top priority for me, starting in middle school, where I advocated to my school board for a curriculum that would keep me on pace for honors classes, and continuing to high school, where I jumped at every opportunity to excel, becoming a full International Baccalaureate diploma recipient. I entered college as a sophomore standing from all the previous efforts I put into my education. Between studies and athletics, and the collection of volunteer experience I procured a strong work ethic, secured academic rigor, and found a purpose in my career. Through the University of Montana, I believe I can best utilize these skills to become a wildlife biologist for the National Park Service, preferably with a focus on bear management. I have already begun my wildlife career with various positions in labs associated with the University and field crew positions in multiple national parks. This summer, I am traveling to Olympic National Park to work as a marine biologist and limnologist for the park, as well as conduct my own research on high alpine lake organisms. Your scholarship has provided me the opportunity to excel as I pursue my goals for a career with the Park Service by receiving a college education at the University of Montana. I cannot express my gratitude enough for your generous support that allows me to afford my dreams, which without I would not be able to find myself so happily lost in the mountains. I promise to continue my road with as much compassion and generosity as I have seen extended to me. Thank you again for your support!” – Jocelyn Stansbury, University of Montana Scholar.

Congratulations to Jocelyn Stansbury for receiving one of our SCIF-Sables Hunting Heritage Scholarships!

SCIF-Sables Hunting Heritage Scholarships have been providing scholarships to students in wildlife management at several top university programs for almost 20 years. The Sables established these scholarships to support students majoring in wildlife conservation related fields. Scholarships are created by SCI members contributing up to a $100,000 endowment at the University or school of the SCI member’s choice. Each institution awards an annual scholarship of nearly $4,000 to top wildlife students interested in and supportive of hunting as a critical component of conservation. SCIF’s education staff are responsible for monitoring these awards.

SCIF currently has six endowed scholarships that make up the SCIF-Sables Hunting Heritage Scholarships:

  1. SCI Foundation Sables Hunting Heritage Scholarship at Texas A&M- Kingsville
  2. Elaine & Gus Vogeler Hunting Heritage Scholarship at the University of Idaho
  3. Joe Leta Hunting Heritage Scholarship at the Unity Environmental University
  4. CJ McElroy Hunting Heritage Scholarship at West Virginia University
  5. Brown-Monson Foundation Hunting Heritage Scholarship at the University of Montana
  6. Don MacMillan Hunting Heritage Scholarship at Hamline Law School in Minnesota.

If you are interested in learning more about how you as a SCI member can contribute to establishing an SCIF Endowed Hunting Heritage Scholarship in your name, please contact Todd Roggenkamp, Assistant Director of Education for Safari Club International Foundation at (520) 594-0664 or .