Video Premiere: SCIF Women’s Duck Hunt

SCIF Education Department, Sables, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and Silverline productions produce SCIF Women’s Duck Hunt promotional video.

In the United States, recent surveys reveal 68 % of women in the US approve of hunting and are actively participating in hunting, getting outdoors, and becoming more empowered. Women are the fastest-growing segment of hunters, bringing their families along the road of conservation. This trend is helping to re-shape the landscape of this age-old tradition. Women state their leading motivations as wanting to be in nature, provide food for their families, and to be a part of a social group.

SCIF and Sables in its partnership with the New Mexico Department Game and Fish (NMDGF) provided a learn to hunt program for women in January of 2024. Nineteen women participated in this first-time program designed to teach women about the North American Model of Conservation, and firearm safety/shooting skills. The course culminated with two waterfowl hunts with the participants learning how to process their harvest for consumption. Working with Silverline productions, SCIF and Sables developed a 4.5 minute video showcasing the program and its impact on the women participating.

Plans are in place for SCIF and Sables to continue their partnership with the NMDGF by offering three more learn to hunt programs in the fall of 2024 and early 2025. A quail hunt will be offered in November, followed by a second women’s duck hunt in January and ending with a turkey hunt in May. If you know of or are part of an organization who may be interested in working with SCIF and Sables as a sponsor to provide a Customized Education Program, please contact Assistant Director, Todd Roggenkamp at 520-954-0664 or To learn more visit Sables education page.

2 thoughts on “Video Premiere: SCIF Women’s Duck Hunt”

  1. joao capristano

    This is the best way to promote sustainable natural hunting.I have hunted ducks all my life and therefore I was lucky enough to understand Nature, wetlands and birds, namely, waterfowl. Getting out of bed at 3.00am and enjoy the sun uprising on the horizon on a blind is overwhelming. Congrats.Keep doing a great job.

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