We are almost two months out from the 2023 SCI Convention and yet it seems like it happened just last week. While we are winding down from Convention, we are still hard at work, preparing for the up-coming new fiscal year. We are working hard to have an even bigger and better luncheon than we did in 2023. The Sables Governing Board, Convention Committee and Dream Hunt Committee have all had meetings to start preparing for the 2024 Convention where “Sables will Rock the South!”

Another item we are currently working on is the Sables’ Elections. My final term has come to an end and a new Sables President will be elected, as well as a new Vice President, Secretary, Directors, District Electors and Electors at Large. The Elections Committee has been vetting all Sables candidates for the 23-24 Election, which will occur at the May Board Meeting, in Washington D.C. on May 12th, 2023, during the Sables Governing Board Meeting.

The Education Department has also been diligently planning the new education programs and we are excited to help support and launch these new programs. These are exciting new times for the future of Sables and SCIF Education. While Sables Education Programs are changing, the mission remains the same. SCI Foundation and the Sables are committed to reaching educators, wildlife professionals, federal/state elected officials, youth and adults to educate them about the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and the importance of hunting as a socially and culturally acceptable activity in society. More information on these programs will be coming soon and details will be provided on the SCIF Education website. We are looking forward to rolling out the new education programs later in the year!

As always Sables continue to work hard and further their mission: to further the understanding of our outdoor heritage, including the positive role of hunting, through the creation and support of wildlife conservation education programs that are consistent with the educational mission and purposes of SCI and SCIF.