Summer’s on at The International Wildlife Museum!

By: Amy Soneira

We are officially in our busy season at IWM! While temperatures soar outside of upwards of 100 degrees, the museum is a consistent 72 degrees inside, making it a popular summertime destination. Plus, with kids out of school, everyone is looking for something to do!

Summer camp is in its third week at IWM with most camps filled to capacity! The kids are kept busy all day with crafts, games, live animal encounters, museum explorations, hands-on activities and more. Each day has a different wildlife or habitat theme, making it new and fun every day. So far, we have journeyed through the rainforest, ocean, desert and tundra, learning about the animals that live in each habitat. We have explored reptiles, insects, spiders, birds, fish and mammals, learning about what makes each group unique. We introduce predator-prey relationships and hunting through games and activities that make it easy for kids to understand the concepts. Kids having a blast while learning about wildlife conservation – what could be better?! If you’d like to support youth education programs like these, please consider making a donation at