South Rockies BC Grizzly Bear Project

SCI Foundation is committed to science-based management of wildlife. Research like the South Rockies Grizzly Project helps to ensure that bears are managed based on science. By continually working together and building partnerships, we are able to contribute to conservation efforts around the world.

Species involved: Grizzly Bear

Main partners: British Columbia Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resource Operations, and the University of Alberta

Total SCIF Investment: $120,000

Year SCIF began involvement: 2015 (Timeline: 2013-2018)


Project Objectives

1) Continue population monitoring of South Rockies and Flathead Grizzly Bear Population.

2) Examine the influences of habitat quality on grizzly bear population density.

3) Quantify juvenile dispersal, movement paths, and seasonal movements of grizzly bears.

4) Compare methods for surveying grizzly bears to inform future studies how to accurately and efficiently study grizzly bear populations.


Anticipated Outcomes

Grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia ended in 2017. This project seeks to help reestablish sustainable use by improving abundance data and ecological understanding of bear populations. Today grizzly bear population surveys are more accurate and efficient than ever before. This project also allowed formation of a network to assess grizzly population trends at a regional scale.