President’s Message

A Message from the SCI Foundation President

As an avid hunter, lifetime member of SCI, and SCI Foundation board member and Treasurer, I am honored to be the incoming SCI Foundation President. My family and I are longtime supporters of SCI Foundation, with three generations belonging to the Hunter Legacy 100 Fund. Our commitment to the Foundation is strong, and I am honored to have this opportunity to help further its mission.


Over the last eight years, SCI Foundation has made great strides in becoming the recognized leader within the international sustainable-use conservation community. To continue our work as the leader in conservation, we must constantly strive to do more.


Every day, SCI Foundation supports SCI’s hunter advocacy efforts by providing the best-available science to ensure that everything from international wildlife policy to local deer management is science-based.

For example, we are currently applying recent publications from the Zambia Lion Project to accurately age African lions for the first time in the history of lion conservation. Our research will facilitate best practices in the hunting industry and continue to ensure that lions are harvested sustainably.


The work of SCI Foundation’s dedicated staff and volunteers does not stop. There is little time to pause or celebrate recent achievements in conservation. This fall, we are heading full speed into the CITES Conference of the Parties in South Africa. We will be working with SCI’s expert litigation team, defending sustainable-use with science to win the uphill battle on several important trade issues.


Communication is key to our continued success. We need you to help share SCI Foundation’s message of sustainable-use conservation now more than ever.  If you have not already, join us on Facebook and sign up for the First for Wildlife blog, where you will get the latest updates on conservation issues and our program news.


As SCI Foundation grows in both stature and reach, one of the highest priorities is fundraising. Fundraising is critical to the long-term success of our wildlife conservation and outdoor education programs. Over the past three years we have established the First for Wildlife Endowment, but are now working to grow the endowment to its full potential.  By helping to fully fund this endowment, you can help SCI Foundation continue to be a leader in conservation now and well into the future.


Finally, on behalf of everyone at SCI Foundation, I want to give a big thanks to Joe Hosmer for his many years of service as President and his continued friendship. I look forward to building on SCI Foundation’s previous success and to many more accomplishments in the coming years.


Thank you.

Warren A. Sackman III


Safari Club International Foundation