AWLS Staff Cabin Dedication

On August 23, 2018, SCI and SCI Foundation gathered to dedicate the AWLS Staff Cabins.  The cabin project, which started as an idea by Audrey Murtland and Sandra Sadler in July 2014 soon got the interest of Education Sables, the governing body for American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS).  With this interest, Sables created the AWLS Cabin Renovation Task Force.  The AWLS building project took a life of its own as an architect had to be hired, plans had to be drawn, a budget had to be set, all leading to the SCIF Board giving their approval for construction to begin in the summer of 2017.

The AWLS Cabin building project is part of the SCIF Sables strategic plan that sets goals to insure the continued long-term success of AWLS in which it is critical we continue to educate teachers who pass on to their students the importance of wildlife conservation.

On this day, many gathered to celebrate the success on keeping the conservation education legacy going that started in 1977.  The project could not have been completed without the financial support by SCI members that have donated to see this project to completion.   Prior to the ceremony, members dedicated to conservation education raised and pledge over $852,000 leaving a balance to be raised of approximately $18,000.  As the ceremony took place, dedicated members stepped up pledging over $32,000 at the ceremony to see that is project is completed and the bill paid.

A special thank you to all of those that helped seal-the-deal to ensure that the cabins are paid for!  This giving has allowed Education Sables to raise or have pledged over $884,000 to complete these 2 buildings.  This giving will help continue what began over 40 years ago with the start of AWLS.  The goal in the beginning was to help foster awareness of conservation and the role hunting plays. In order to continue carrying out this targeted mission, we must maintain a premier education facility that continues to draw in educators on a national and international level.  Thank you to every person and chapter that has donated to make this project a success.