A Hunter’s Quest’s Matt Ward Makes A Difference For Children In Pakistan

Giving back is an SCI/F Family tradition, and SCI Life Member and SCI Foundation donor Matt Ward of A Hunter’s Quest illustrated this point perfectly on his recent safari to Pakistan to hunt the Himalayan Ibex. 

On his trip, Matt was fortunate to be able to spend some of his time with the local community and learn more about how his and other hunter’s money from hunting benefits the local economy and community at large. 

While there, Matt also took the opportunity to prvide3 the school children with some much-needed school supplies, showing once again why “Paying it forward” is much more than just a catch phrase for our members as they travel into some of the most remote areas of the world on safari. 

A special thanks to Matt for sharing his video with us.  You can view the full version of this video on his YouTube Channel at youtube.com/ahuntersquest. 

To learn more about how you can give back while on your next adventure, click here.