SCIF Veterans Committee Sets November 30th, 2022 Deadline for Chapter Awards and Wounded Combat Veteran Application.

The SCIF Veterans Committee has begun planning the next Veterans Breakfast Auction and Sweepstakes Event for 2023. The breakfast will be during the SCI Convention at a new day and time — Saturday morning. As always, SCIF hosts this breakfast to honor service men and women and veterans from the United States and Canada.  Due to the Convention being held in February 2023, there is a new deadline for Chapters to turn in their SCI Chapter Veterans Functions & Events Report form by November 30th, 2022. We have also established the date of November 30th, 2022 as the deadline for the Combat Wounded Veteran application to be turned in.


A cornerstone of the SCIF Veterans Program is to recognize Chapters for assisting veterans and their families in outdoor recreation events.  Dedicated SCI Chapters, members and supporters of veterans freely give their time and money to assist veterans through local SCI events like fund raising, special hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.  If your chapter has hosted such events you could receive an award from the Veterans Committee at the 2023 Breakfast!


The SCIF Veterans Committee proudly presents this program hunt as an award and as a way of giving thanks to those who have sacrificed for our freedom. If you are a wounded combat veteran or know of a wounded combat veteran that qualifies, send in the application today!

Please email Katie Robinson at to request a Chapter Award or Combat Veteran Hunt applications.