SCIF and Sables Join as Supporting Partners of Delta Waterfowl’s University Hunting Program

The Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) and Sables are strengthening their dedication to conservation education by partnering with Delta Waterfowl as a supporting sponsor. The partnership was celebrated with a $50,000 donation towards Delta’s University Hunting Program (UHP), presented at the Safari Club International Convention in Nashville.

Delta’s UHP aligns with the SCIF Education Department’s objectives, focusing on promoting understanding about conservation, wildlife management, outdoor recreation, and the crucial part hunters play in these areas.

Delta’s UHP aims to expose students studying wildlife management to waterfowl hunting, emphasizing its crucial role in conservation. The program provides comprehensive training, enhancing safety, shooting skills, guided hunts, and post-hunt meals. It has been observed that approximately 70% of these students do not have prior personal hunting experience or related connections. This initiative by Delta aims to bridge that gap, providing hunting exposure to future wildlife managers. To date, the program has engaged over 100 North American higher education institutions during the 2023-2024 waterfowl season. The program’s goal is to expand the program to nearly 500 North American organizations offering wildlife science programs, highlighting the critical importance of hands-on conservation education.