Montana Chapters Donate Big at Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council Biennial Symposium

NWSGC 2018 Symposium Logo

The Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council (NWSGC) hosted its biennial symposium in Whitefish, Montana this past month and Montana SCI Chapters brought in $2,125 proving themselves to be gracious hosts! The Big Sky State’s SCI Chapters are already known for contributing heavily to wild sheep and goat conservation. This sponsorship is another example of how dedicated Montanans and SCI members are to maintaining healthy wild sheep and goat numbers in a state famous for the most expensive hunting tag ever auctioned and the largest bighorn skull in the world.


The council was generously supported by the Great Falls Chapter of SCI, Southwest Montana Chapter of SCI, Western Montana Chapter of SCI, and the Montana Chapter of SCI based out of Billings. Representing all four chapters in Montana, each made the NWSGC symposium in Whitefish a memorable one!

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Along with providing a tour of Glacier National Park and Wild Horse Island, participants presented on cutting-edge wild sheep and mountain goat research. Every two years the top wildlife biologists from the U.S. and Canada gather to share the newest and best science in wild sheep and mountain goats. Since 1968, the NWSGC has focused on providing timely exchange of information, promoting high standards in management and providing professional advice on conservation issues.
SCI and SCI Foundation are dedicated to wild sheep and mountain goat conservation, using the best available science and management techniques. We would like to express a personal thank you to the presidents of the Montana Chapters of SCI; Patty Ehrhardt (Great Falls), Tex Janecek (Montana), Kris Killorn (Southwest Montana), and Matt Ulberg (Western Montana).

SCI Foundation is proud to cooperate with organizations, such as the Wild Sheep Foundation and the NWSGC, dedicated to wild sheep and mountain goat conservation around the world. We are looking forward to the next NWSGC symposium held in 2020.


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