Krieghoff International Hosts SCI Foundation Donor Reception

SCI Foundation president Warren A. Sackman, III thanks Krieghoff representative Alex Diehl for the company’s continued support of wildlife conservation and outdoor education

Krieghoff International hosted an elegant reception for SCI Foundation donors in the Sierra View Suite on the 17th floor of the Peppermill Casino Hotel on Wednesday, February 5th.  SCI Foundation President Warren A. Sackman, III took this opportunity to thank Krieghoff for their continued support of SCI Foundation and its mission.

SCI Foundation President Warren A. Sackman, III thanked Krieghoff International and the Krieghoff family for their continued support and friendship saying,”Krieghoff’s steadfast dedication to conservation and youth education makes it possible for SCI Foundation to ensure the future of wildlife through conservation, education, and hunting.”

Krieghoff’s Alex Diehl also thanked those in attendance for supporting SCI Foundation and its programs saying, “It is very important that we keep our younger generation involved.  We need to teach our children what is important and about what we do.  Without SCI Foundation, that wouldn’t be possible.  Thank you for all you do.”

The event, which featured a wide array of delicious hot appetizers and an open bar, offered the more than 100 donors in attendance an opportunity to meet new people as well as share their thoughts and feelings with SCI Foundation’s staff, volunteers and leadership.

Krieghoff set up a display of some of their finest world-class firearms including a K-80 Sporter shotgun, K-20 Parcours and Victoria shotguns, an Essencia side-by-side shotgun, a Classic Big Five double rifle and a Hubertus single-shot rifle. Those in attendance were inspired by the beauty and quality of the offerings.

As sponsor of the event, Krieghoff International generously donated a K20 Parcours or Victoria 20 ga. shotgun to SCI Foundation in support of its ongoing wildlife conservation and outdoor education programs.  The shotgun was given away by sweepstakes drawing on Saturday, February 8th at 2 p.m. at the SCI Foundation booth #4531.  Only 360 entries were available for a suggested donation of $100 each.

SCI Foundation wishes to thank Krieghoff for their ongoing support and dedication to conservation and outdoor education.