SCI Foundation Large Grants

Large grants are awarded annually to projects with strong potential to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources or the advance of constructive wildlife research. Conservation projects are awarded grants for their relationship to sustainable use of wildlife, their ability to work towards maintaining healthy ecosystems and providing quality habitat for all wildlife species. Applications are accepted annually and are due by November 1.

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Conservation Matching Grants

Conservation Matching Grants are available to SCI Chapters to help accomplish conservation projects that further the mission of SCI and SCI Foundation. They build partnerships with state and federal agencies, organizations and other SCI Chapters. Conservation efforts include those projects that lead to the sustainable management of natural resources. The trend is to consider conservation not only in terms of huntable game populations, but also as the maintenance of functioning ecosystems which sustain quality habitat for all wildlife species.

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Matching Grants Eligibility and Criteria
Matching Grant Application Form