Helping Assure the Future of Elk and Elk Hunting

July 11, 2019

SCI Foundation and our contributing hunter-conservationists have been active in supporting better management of western big game…

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SCIF Developing New Strategy Related To CWD

May 20, 2019


By Chris Comer, Ph.D., SCIF Director of Conservation
Deer and elk hunters in North America have been bombarded recently with…

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Rocky Mountain Elk Movement Patterns Offer Suprises

September 10, 2018

SCI Foundation is proud to team up with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department to uncover previously unknown information about elk…

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Winter 2017-2018 Updates from the Field

March 16, 2018

The time of hibernation is ending across North America, and we at SCI Foundation are excited to share a few updates from projects on which we have…

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Indian Country Auction Tags Raise Money for Conservation

March 7, 2018


The daily auction at the 2018 SCI Convention in Las Vegas raised money for wildlife conservation while also maintaining positive working relations with four tribes. These tribes…

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January 30, 2018

SCI and SCI Foundation are maintaining our relationships with Native American tribes by once again auctioning big game hunting tags donated by the Acoma…

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First Big Bulls Collared in North America’s Longest Running Elk Study

January 26, 2018

University of Montana Ph.D. Candidate Hans Martin after successfully capturing 5 bull elk. January…

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