Lion and Shield Campaign

A couple of weeks ago our Safari Club International CEO, W. Laird Hamberlin, sent an email to all SCI members bringing attention to the looming threat to wildlife as a result of COVID-19

The threat to wildlife does not rest in direct transmission of the virus to animals, but in the economic chain reaction that will significantly reduce the dollars available through normal channels of vital funding for the conservation of wildlife and habitat.

The pandemic is blowing enormous holes in state budgets, which will ripple through state agencies for years to come.  The sale of hunting licenses, which provides the majority of states’ matching funds, will likely fall precipitously in the widespread economic hardship that has already begun to spread nationwide.

In addition, many SCI Chapters and other conservation organizations’ fundraising banquets across the country have had to be cancelled or scaled back dramatically. The funds for conservation from normal sources around the world are being greatly diminished.

This is a time when we all must take on a more powerful role individually and as a group, leading the way and increasing our efforts to help fill the gap created by the COVID-19 economic impact and assure the future of the wildlife we love and the opportunities to hunt.

To this end, SCI Foundation is launching a new campaign called “I’m a Hunter and I’m FIRST FOR WILDLIFE”. SCI Foundation’s Board of Directors has set a goal to gain 200 new members of our Society of the Lion and Shield over the coming year.

As part of this campaign, we’ve made arrangements with some donors for some special opportunities for those that participate to win some exciting prizes. Click HERE to see the details about this campaign.

Our action at this time is critical. Please join me in being “First for Wildlife” and help us meet our goals so that we can continue to assure the future of wildlife through conservation, education, and hunting.

Yours in Conservation,

Craig L. Kauffman

President, SCI Foundation