Teacher of Twenty Years Inspired By AWLS Program

Sara, a teacher and recent AWLS attendee recently reached out to share a little about her experience with the program and her intentions to become more involved with SCI and SCI Foundation.

In an e-mail Sara wrote:

I am a teacher of almost 20 years and just discovered SCI/SCIF due to a grant I was recommended for through the Hunter Legacy Fund. I recently attended AWLS (American Wilderness Leadership School) out in Jackson, WY. Not sure if you have heard of it? This educator course is sponsored by SCI/SCIF.  

As part of the course, I learned about (and shot!) a variety of firearms, wilderness and survival skills, water and fire ecology, the role of wildlife fish and game agencies, and was trained to teach archery in schools. The certification is from NASP (National Archery in Schools Program.)

Anyway, I am very inspired by the work SCI/F does and want to learn more and get involved. I feel called to support the SCI/F mission. I have a background in education and communications (writing.) Right now, I am not sure of the opportunities out there, so becoming a member seems a good first place to start.

Thanks for your help and direction,