SCIF Bell Family Blue Bags Supports IWFF

From January 2023 to April 2023,with the support from Bell Family Blue Bags and SCI Foundation, approximately 103,400 meals were provided to children and families in need through International Wildlife Fellowship Foundation (IWFF)., IWFF provided food and clothing support to over 8 different schools, orphanages and communities in need.

Booysens Beertjies

Booysens Beertjies Nursery School has 100 children from a very poor community in Pretoria, South Africa. 10,600 meals were provided to the nursery school.

Kungwini Early Childhood Development Center

Kungwini Pre-school is located in Zwavelpoort outside of Pretoria. 9,400 meals were provided for 80 preschool children.

Tshuhabana Feeding Scheme

The Tshuhabana Feeding Scheme originated when a social worker from the area discovered a group of hungry children. She started feeding them herself, but the group became too big, and she asked for assistance. 10,600 meals were donated to this feeding scheme.

Krugersdorp Feeding Projects

IWFF is involved with various feeding projects around the Krugersdorp area. 24,800 meals were donated to support 3 shelters and 129 individuals in this area. Krugersdorp is an old mining town that closed down and finding employment is very difficult.

House of Peace

House of Peace is in Wolmer Pretoria North. It is a group of 65 adults and 14 small children that are trying to survive on their own by planting vegetables and keeping two pigs and a cow. 13,500 meals and 52 bags of clothing were donated to support this group.

Various Other Feeding Projects

IWFF donated 34,500 meals and 525 bags of clothing to various orphanages, shelters, Single Mom Projects and feeding schemes located throughout Pretoria, South Africa.

Since 2019, Bell Family Blue Bags in conjunction with Safari Club International Foundation has monetarily supported International Wildlife Fellowship Foundation’s (IWFF) “Caring For Africa” Program. IWFF provides food support and clothing to nursery schools, preschools, and small segregated communities in Africa, unable to sustain and provide their own food. Support to IWFF from the Bell Family Blue Bag Program and SCI Foundation is sent three times throughout the year.

To find out more information about the Bell Family Blue Bag Program or the IWFF Program please email