Safari Club International’s Annual Convention, the ultimate sportsmen’s market, is right around the corner once again and SCI Foundation is ready to present some amazing hunting experiences up for auction to all conservation-minded members! While attending SCI’s 47th Annual Hunting Convention, there are countless tags up for auction at various events and during the daily auction. However, only a few are dedicated to conservation of the various species being hunted. For these tags a portion of the proceeds go to the entity offering the tag for onsite conservation work while the remaining funds help SCI Foundation continue to support conservation projects around the world!

The Great White North

SCI Foundation is proud to offer two great opportunities to experience Alaska

First is a chance to hunt a big bull moose in the very heart of Alaska, the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge. This 2 million-acre area offers some of the most pristine habitat in North America and some of the largest moose on the continent. Most moose hunters prefer the lower sections of the Nowitna River, a region also home to wolves, black and grizzly bears, and other small game like snowshoe hare, grouse, and ptarmigan. This generous tag from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will support conservation efforts in Alaska and help continue the mission of SCI Foundation to fund and direct worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education.

Tag will be auctioned at the Friday day auction at 11:00 am at the North Fork Pavilion.  Bid Online Now


The second opportunity is a chance to hunt the famous Kodiak Brown Bear. We could go on and on about this incredible hunt, from how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game estimates there to be one bear per square mile to how exceptional each bear is. The number of record bears over the past five years is higher than at any time since 1960. There are a limited number of tags available to hunt bears on Kodiak each year, and this tag was generously provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This is among the most difficult to obtain tags ever offered by SCI Foundation.

The hunt will be offered exclusively during the live auction at Tuesday’s Beretta Gala in the Tuscany Ballroom at the Peppermill – Doors open at 5:45 pm.  Bid Online Now


Hunting the American Southwest

The world-famous Acoma Pueblo have donated a Rocky Mountain Elk tag provided by Acoma Big Game Hunts and good for 11 days of hunting. Many of the bulls harvested on Acoma land have scored well over 400 on SCI’s record book, including a #1-ranked non-typical bull taken in 2010 by muzzleloader. This hunt includes full service meals, field preparations, antlers and cape delivery, tent accommodations, and even taxidermy. There is no better way to experience what has been described as “North America’s Machu Picchu” than this.

Tag will be auctioned at the Friday day auction at 11:00 am at the North Fork Pavilion.  Bid Online Now


The Navajo Nation, the largest Indian reservation in the world, hosts some of the best hunting opportunities on the continent. For the fifth straight year, SCIF has obtained a mountain mule deer tag from the Navajo Nation. This opportunity is good on all Navajo land for 30 days which do not have to be consecutive. The vast Navajo Nation offers 16 hunting units across three states; Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah and all proceeds from this hunt will go to the Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife to support the annual Navajo Youth Hunt. If you aren’t able to snag this tag, be sure to stop by their booth at Convention and ask about future opportunities to hunt on the largest Indian reservation in America!

Tag will be auctioned at the Friday day auction at 11:00 am at the North Fork Pavilion.  Bid Online Now


Visit the Roof of the World in Tajikistan

For the first time ever, SCIF has obtained a coveted tag for a Bukhara markhor in Tajikistan. SCI Foundation is dedicated to supporting community-based conservation efforts, and this tag is a wonderful opportunity to support local communities and hunt this magnificent animal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to harvest one from some of the healthiest markhor herds in the world. SCI Foundation has worked hard to help promote conservation of markhor and other mountain ungulates in Central Asia. Markhor have begun to return in a great way thanks to community-based sustainable-use, don’t miss your chance to capture one of less than 10 tags offered in this majestic country.

This tag will be offered exclusively online. Stay tuned for more information.