Help SCIF Continue To Do The Work That Really Matters!

Through the generous support of our donors, Safari Club International Foundation has helped conserve wildlife around the world. 

But, as you know, our work is far from being done. The stresses on wildlife are growing and threats to hunting are intensifying every day.  Your gift will be put to work immediately protecting our traditions and conserving our most iconic big game species, including moose, elk, bears and deer here at home in North America; lions, leopards, and elephants in Africa; and argali and markhor in Asia to name a few.

In addition, we are working to increase the impact of our community-based efforts to stem the effects of poaching in Africa and Asia by engaging local peoples and governments in these critical activities.

It is up to those of us who love wildlife to lead the action to conserve our precious natural resources. From Alaska to Zimbabwe, the wildlife and traditions we cherish are depending on us.

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