Donor Spotlight on Carolyn and Holland Powell

By Matthew Taylor, SCI Foundation Major Gifts Manager

Shortly after I began working for the SCI Foundation while attending the 2018 Las Vegas Convention, I was invited to join our Foundation Corporate Secretary Brook Minx for lunch with Carolyn and Holland Powell, a couple he had met through the Life Hunter Advocate Society. It was not long before their passion for wildlife conservation and new hunter outreach became evident. Holland has a special appreciation for the unique benefits of hunting including the tradition, comradery and sense of brotherhood that emerges. It wasn’t long before his wife Carolyn had also joined in on the fun, and some would say she may be an even better shot with a rifle. Now the Powell’s, are passing on their hunting heritage to the next generation recently guiding their grandchildren on successful first deer hunts at their home in Alabama and on a safari in Texas this past summer.

I’ve been fortunate to spend an ample amount of time with the Powell’s since that day and continue to be impressed by their accomplishments and adventures. Holland is a very successful Senior Employee Benefits Consultant, and Carolyn has the designation of working for two different members of the US Congress during her career. After operating her own consultancy aiding non-profits in their grant submission efforts, Carolyn now works with the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse School of Business, aiding in grant services work.

My favorite story from Holland was his recent success guiding his grandchildren on deer hunts at Five Star Preserve in Kellyton, Alabama. There is something uniquely rewarding about introducing the next generation to hunting and even more special when it’s family. In fact, Holland would say that a critical role as members of SCI is to share our hunting heritage with the next generation.  A follow-up safari to Texas this summer (Champion Ranch) helped “Bubba” and “Poot” both gain their first record book trophy of which they are quite proud.

Their list of contributions to SCI includes memberships at the African Lion Level of the Society of the Lion & Shield as well as dual Diamond Memberships to the Life Hunter Advocate Society. They are both active with the Alabama Chapter and are involved in that chapter’s continued success. Holland was added to the SCIF Advisory Board last year and has been quite productive.  His recent contributions were instrumental in saving SCI(F) hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to be outdone, Carolyn’s efforts on the Life Hunter Advocate Society Board have resulted in massive gains for SCI’s membership efforts. Also, the Powell’s recently left SCI Foundation in their estate plans and joined as members of the new Heritage Society. I am always impressed with the generosity in which they answer the call to help with SCI’s efforts, even sometimes inventing ways to contribute using their unique skill sets. Carolyn recently used her expertise in grant writing to aid in several significant submissions on behalf of SCI Foundation to major Conservation Foundations.

Despite having achieved success in all aspects of their life, the Powell’s aren’t slowing down anytime soon, both can be regularly seen at the convention with their quintessential southern charm welcoming both attendees and exhibitors.  This year Carolyn and Holland will be hosting their daughter, son in law and all three grandchildren in Reno making the Convention a real family affair.

I’m grateful for my association with the Powell’s and feel fortunate that we have them on the Foundation’s side.


Want to learn more, watch the below Donor Video featuring Carolyn and Holland Powell

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“Hunters do so many good things.  That’s who we are.  We’re hunter-gatherers.  Trying to be something else is just folly.  Recognize that. Celebrate it…. Let’s find the best ways to do this.  Let’s do it right.” Holland Powell