America’s Hunting Heritage Program Earns Emmy

Dan Bertalan (center) with the two youth hosts of the America’s Hunting Heritage Program


At a time when more kids are less connected with the natural world, a new television series is reshaping the image of our conservation heritage while promoting outdoor lifestyles in households and classrooms across the country.

SCIF and the Hunter Legacy 100 Fund joined forces with the Emmy-winning Into the Outdoors Education Network in 2018 to create a pilot program on America’s Hunting Heritage. Besides making impressions on regional and national networks, the television episode grabbed the attention of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences who awarded the show with the prestigious Emmy Award for the top Youth Education Program in the Midwest.

“The real winner is our next generation,” said Dan Bertalan, Director & Producer of the Into the Outdoors Education Network. “By inspiring kids to get outdoors and take part in America’s conservation story, we’re making the natural world better for everyone.”

With grant support from the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies and SCIF, the program has expanded into a national R3 education initiative with America’s Conservation & Hunting Heritage television series. Distributed via broadcast syndication and multiple digital channels, the program will be impacting millions. All programs and classroom videos are also free to all state and federal agencies plus the entire R3 Community.

“It’s a great day when we get the chance to tell this story on youth education television and in classrooms,” said Dan Brooks, Director of Education at SCI Foundation. “And with this new funding support we explore the bigger story of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and the outdoor recreational activities it supports. It’s a win-win for R3 hunting programs and the image of our hunting heritage.”

One reason the television show connects with audiences and kids is that it’s actually hosted by kids, using engaging production techniques that have earned the series 16 Emmys for Youth Education Programming. Their online education network also offers free classroom videos and conservation lessons to teachers nationally.


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The full programs can also be viewed worldwide 24/7 on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and SmartTV.


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