“Conserving wildlife and wild places through sustainable hunting is something that I deeply believe and support. Contributing financially, utilizing the monthly giving program, allows me to support SCIF’s mission in a capacity that I can afford. Brick by brick we build this together.”

Chris Muller, SCIF Supporter

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Sign up for the FOREVER FOR WILDLIFE Monthly Giving Program today and in addition to receiving the monthly giving program appreciation gifts appropriate to your giving level, you will also receive one entry into current and upcoming SCIF SWEEPSTAKES for every $25 of monthly giving (monthly giving must be active at the time of the sweepstakes drawing). *Excludes sweepstakes for Krieghoff guns.

In celebration of SCI’s 50th anniversary, SCI Foundation’s leadership has set a goal to have 500 people as monthly donors by the 2022 SCI Convention. Be a part of something big. Sign up now and be a part of one of the most powerful groups standing strong for wildlife and hunting.

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