HLF 100 Projects

SCI Foundation’s Hunter Legacy 100 Fund Aid Anti-Poaching Efforts in Tanzania

SCI Foundation’s Hunter Legacy 100 Fund (HLF) donated $100,000 to provide the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania (WCFT) with vehicles to be used by anti-poaching patrols.

SCI Foundation has outfitted anti-poaching units with two fully equipped Toyota Land Cruisers to monitor the Selous Game Reserve. These new Cruisers will allow teams to locate and track areas most susceptible to poachers.

“I am very sure that the elephants and other wildlife are more secure today and we already see the difference in the bush,” WCFT Trustees and Executive Vice President Eric Pasanisi said. “On behalf of the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation to our fight to preserve our wildlife in Tanzania.”

The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s recent decision to ban elephant imports from Tanzania has limited conservation funding considerably; but SCI Foundation’s grant has allowed the WCFT to mobilize additional scouts and maintain programs in place to protect Tanzania’s wildlife.

“At SCI Foundation we strive for on-the-ground progress and we are always happy to see our hard work come to fruition,” SCI Foundation President, Joe Hosmer said. “We remain dedicated in our anti-poaching efforts around the world.  Being able to help our friends in Tanzania on this and future conservation projects is a large part of our mission.”

This is the newest of several contributions to Tanzania’s anti-poaching efforts. This year marks the fifth consecutive year SCI Foundation has funded The Micro-light Aircraft Project, which allows for the operation and maintenance of these aircrafts used for anti-poaching surveillance. SCI Foundation prides itself on its ability to make an impact on-the-ground and will continue to help combat poaching in Tanzania, as well as in other African nations.