Blue Bag Deliveries Around The World

Since 1997, thousands of SCI Foundation SafariCare and Bell Family Blue Bags have been delivered by SCI Members while on safari to more than 37 countries.  Filled with medical, educational, and other relief supplies, or clothing and toys, Blue Bags help those in need in some of the most remote areas around the world.  Please share your story today, and help us color the map SCIF Blue!


Share Your Blue Bag Story

Countries to which Blue Bags have been delivered shown in blue.

If you are planning on traveling to an area where help is needed, please consider making a Blue Bag delivery yourself.  To learn more about the program and how you can help, visit the Blue Bag program page or contact Karen Crehan at kcrehan@safariclub.org or call 520-618-3530.

Thank you for supporting SCI Foundation’s SafariCare Bell family Blue Bag program.