America’s Hunter Legacy

American Hunter Legacy production is a collaboration between the Hunter Legacy Fund, SCIF – Education Sables and IntotheOutdoors.org (ITO) to produce education videos and classroom lesson plans about conservation education. The video explores the history of hunting in North America and the evolution of wildlife conservation including how it’s funded through regulated hunting and fishing. The video has wildlife biologists in the field as they investigate the science of wildlife management of two prominent species; the white-tailed deer, and the American black bear.

The completed half-hour television episode on America’s Hunter Legacy was aired on 22-stations that carry the Into the Outdoors Television Network, on April 28 & 29. It will also be distributed nationally 24/7 starting in May for two years on the Into the Outdoors Roku Channel. It will also be webcast on IntotheOutdoors.org, for the next 5 years, plus ITO will be creating conservation education videos and classroom lessons from the content that will be distributed to teachers and students nationally via our education network. Estimated viewers of the April program are projected at 260,000 viewers, with 50% over 18 years old and in total over 2 million views in the first two years.

The video will air nationally on YouTube, Vimeo and IntotheOutdoors.org channels. ITO is extremely proud of the production and will be submitting this program for regional Emmy competition. To watch the video, go to https://vimeo.com/266179710.

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