2019 Year End Fund Drive

Generous SCIF supporters have joined together to challenge you to donate today!  For every dollar you contribute, they will match it to support SCIF’s conservation and outdoor education efforts, up to $30,000.

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Through your generous support of Safari Club International Foundation, you have helped conserve wildlife around the world.

But, as you know, our work together is far from being done. The stresses on wildlife are growing and threats to hunting are intensifying everyday.

Your gift will be put to work immediately protecting our traditions and conserving our most iconic big game species, including moose, elk, bears and deer here at home in North America; lions, leopards and elephants in Africa; and argali and markhor in Asia to name a few.

In addition, we are working to increase the impact of our community-based efforts to stem the effects of poaching in Africa and Asia by engaging local peoples and governments in these critical activities.

It is up to those of us who love wildlife to lead the action to conserve our precious natural resources.  From Alaska to Zimbabwe, the wildlife and traditions we cherish are depending on us.

Please make a gift today to help continue the progress you are making possible.

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Words From Our Donors

Having been an avid hunter since shooting pheasants as a teenager, I have come to the realization this experience for tomorrow’s teenager is in great danger. With the world being increasingly urbanized, the role of hunting and conservation is being less and less understood. SCI has a prominent role in reversing this trend and saving our heritage. Knowing this, our financial support is crucial. I am committed to seeing that my grandkids and great grandchildren have the same opportunities I had. I have therefore committed to a significant pattern of giving that will make a difference. Think strongly what a distribution from your IRA, 401(k) or other sources could do to further conservation efforts of SCIF. My goal is to eventually wear that African lion jacket! How about you?

Jim Copper, SCIF Supporter

I have been fortunate to be a part of SCI, SCI Foundation, SCIF SABLES and multiple chapters for many years now. That involvement has deepened my belief in the critical work that SCI Foundation is engaged in, and I want my kids, grandkids and great-grandkids to be as blessed by the outdoors as I have been! I have included the SCI Foundation as part of my year-end giving for a long time, and just over the last couple of years, I have utilized an IRA Rollover option as the means to my giving. It has been a huge benefit to my annual tax strategy, and this option allows me to give to an organization that I believe will use it to fund projects that I feel passionate about. As I look around me and see what is going on in this world, I feel a greater sense of urgency and desire to do more. This year, I am including a $10,000 matching gift as part of my year-end giving as well as challenging all of my peers to do the same! I’m challenging each of you to do more this year, include a planned gift, increase your annual gift or make a multiyear pledge. If you are over seventy and a half years old, you should consider an IRA Rollover. It may save you a significant amount of money!

Audrey Murtland, SCIF Supporter

Please note vest size (M-XXXL) in comments field of donation form.

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