2019-2020 Tajikistan Bukhara Markhor Community-Based Conservation Hunting Experience

SCI Foundation’s “conservation permit model” is to fund conservation action through the auction of special hunting tags. The internationally recognized and awarded community-based programs in Tajikistan’s MSayod and Saidi Tagnob conservancies offer an extraordinary opportunity for one hunter and an observer to take a high-quality wild Bukhara markhor trophy with the most experienced local guides and excellent tourist lodging accommodations. Revenue raised by this auction item will be earmarked directly for markhor population surveys, equipment for anti-poaching rangers, community development projects and sustainable livestock grazing practices.  Markhor have successfully recovered thanks to these community-based programs.


This unique community-based hunting experience will be a true Central Asian adventure. One hunter and one non-hunter will travel to Tajikistan for this 10-day 1×1 guided hunt of a lifetime for a Bukhara markhor with the Hunting Association of Tajikistan. Method of take is rifle only. Schedule hunt with outfitter for open dates November 20, 2019-February 28, 2020. This tag is a legal and importable opportunity, including into the European Union, valid for the 2019-2020 hunting season and allows for a diversity of other native game to be added. Hunt may be upgraded to include Marco Polo sheep, Afghan urial, ibex, wolf, wild boar, chukar and snowcock; see outfitter for details. Included are hunting lodge accommodations, meals, airport transfers, trophy fee for markhor and field prep. Not included are any before/after hunt expenses, packing/shipping, air travel and gratuities. Arrival/departure point is Dushanbe. For more information contact TAJWILDLIFE at info@tajwildlife.com.

Value $150,000 







Tajikistan Bukhara Urial Community-Based Conservation Project

SCI Foundation is also supporting a new initiative to conserve Bukhara urial in southeastern Tajikistan. The project’s first step is to incorporate the local community as an NGO and obtain management authority of the land. Wildlife rangers are in need of critical equipment for anti-poaching, including transport vehicles, optics and other basic outdoor gear. Livestock grazing currently dominates the landscape. The plan is to compensate herders for grazing rights to incentivize removal of livestock, starting with a core habitat area for wild sheep. There is huge potential to improve wild sheep habitat and recover urial over a large area, with the goal of growing the population to more than 1,000 sheep.


SCI Foundation is planning to auction the first Bukhara urial hunting opportunity in this area at the 2020 SCI Convention for the 2020-2021 hunting season. Revenue from that conservation permit will go directly back to community-based conservation of wild urial sheep in Tajikistan. For more information, contact SCI Foundation’s Conservation Department at jgoergen@safariclub.org.

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