2018 Annual Fund Drive

With your help, we have made an incredible difference for wildlife and wild places this year, but there is still much more to do!

Every day, nature gives us something for which to be thankful. But today, I want to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for you and all you do for wildlife.




You have chosen to stand up for wildlife at this critical time — and you’re making an incredible difference. Here in the U.S., your support has helped us reintroduce species like the desert bighorn sheep in Arizona and wood bison in Alaska, and they are doing well. It has helped us fund and support science-based conservation efforts leading to expanded hunting seasons and more tags. But, there is still much more to do if we are to secure the future of hunting.


Efforts are underway today to end grizzly bear and wild cat hunting in the western U.S. and Canada based on emotion and half-truths. Some ground has already been lost, but we will continue to fight to regain it. We need your continued support if we are to defend our right to hunt.

When you donate today, you will be helping us continue critical work like this.

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With your help, we can make a difference for wildlife and wild places by using sound science and not emotion to make decisions and influence policy. We can continue to share nature’s bounty as proud hunters and true conservationists — today, and for generations to come.


Thank you for your generosity, and your commitment to providing a healthier future for wildlife. As we look ahead to the challenges facing the species we love to hunt, there is so much work to be done — and your continued support is critical. I hope you will consider giving a special gift today to help protect our most vulnerable species and habitat.


Your support means so much. Thank you for all you do.

Help us continue to be “First for Wildlife!”