Why I Give to Safari Club International Foundation

There are any number of conservation and hunting organizations out there who lay claim to being the “the number one organization for hunting and wildlife.”  So, why did I decide to put my hard earned money into Safari Club International Foundation? Simple, I checked them out.


To begin with, I looked at what the Foundation was doing… where is it spending its money?


Over the past ten years, they have spent over a million dollars on African Lion research and studies aimed at keeping lion hunting available, using this data to support their assertions with scientific facts and supporting continued hunting programs that maintain healthy populations.


Since 2000, SCI Foundation has contributed over $60M to conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian initiatives worldwide, funding more than 60 Annual wildlife conservation projects in over two dozen countries.


In addition, SCI Foundation actively funds research programs on many North American species, from white-tailed deer to Woodland Caribou as well as science-based conservation projects, studying the impact of wolf populations on elk and deer populations and other predator control issues across the continent.


But SCI Foundation’s work doesn’t stop with wildlife conservation. The list of worthy projects addressed by the Foundation’s Education and Humanitarian Services programs around the world and right here at home is endless.  Current programs range from helping Wounded Warriors get out into the field to hunt; to feeding the needy with wild game donations from hunters across America; to training educators how to better teach their students about hunting’s role in sustainable use conservation.

By establishing working partnerships with the Salvation Army, the Boy Scouts of America, and several other like-minded groups, SCI Foundation works tirelessly to impart its ideals and principles of the outdoor life and a hunter’s role in conservation to America’s youth. It is paying big dividends. Programs continue to expand; reaching tens of thousands youth who may not otherwise get a chance to experience what hunting is all about.


In my research, I found no one organization does so much in so many different ways as Safari Club Foundation.


To top it all off, what they do, they do with a small well-trained staff and an un-paid board of directors who cover their own expenses when attending meetings and conventions and contribute financially to the Foundation each and every year.


There are no political agendas or special interests… the board raises and manages money to support the Foundations efforts in the most cost effective way possible.  Personally speaking, I do not want my contributions going to a bunch of folks who spend most of it on special meetings and junkets; I want it spent conserving wildlife and promoting hunting.


I am asking every one of you to take five minutes out of your busy day and ask yourself what hunting means to you, and what this lifestyle, this incredible opportunity we have to hunt and enjoy the outdoor life as our forefathers did is worth.  Then, I want you to reflect as I did, on what it would be like if it didn’t exist for the next generation.  Now, ask yourself how much would you give to keep that from happening? How can you give back to this sport we all love?


If we don’t give, who will? I know one thing for sure; I don’t want to be sitting around one day with my grandchildren wishing I had done more to preserve hunting and promote conservation. I’m doing something now, and I hope you will join me in making a real contribution to the Safari Club International Foundation.


Thank You,

J. Alain Smith

To make a donation to support SCI Foundation’s efforts in wildlife conservation, contact Kimberly Byers at KByers@safariclub.org or call (520) 798-4891