SCI Foundation And Department Of Interior Focus On Reducing Human-Grizzly Bear Conflict

April 15, 2020

With grizzly bear populations expanding across Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho in recent years, conflicts with humans are becoming…

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Multiple Factors Affect Grizzly Bear Numbers

June 7, 2018

SCI Foundation began supporting the South Rockies Grizzly Project in British Columbia in 2014 to better understand the cause and effect relationships between bears and humans. Researchers…

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Motivating People, Managing Bears: The 5th International Human-Bear Conflicts Workshop

March 12, 2018


A bear is running at you at 30 mph, 44 feet per second, if it is 88 feet away, will be on you in 2 seconds flat….

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First Big Bulls Collared in North America’s Longest Running Elk Study

January 26, 2018

University of Montana Ph.D. Candidate Hans Martin after successfully capturing 5 bull elk. January…

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