President’s Update

SCI Foundation President Joseph Hosmer Passes Torch.

With the end of my tenure as SCI Foundation President now upon us, I would like to take this time to say a special “thank you” to all of the volunteers and staff that have given so much to make this past six years so successful.  Conservation is a team sport, and as a team, we have accomplished many great things including,

  • Increased board giving from almost nothing prior to realignment to $1,118,000 over the past six years
  • Added 26 members ($2.6M in contributions) to the Hunter Legacy 100 Fund, completing the 100 members. $2.3M granted since 2010 (45 grants).
  • Grown the First for Wildlife Endowment Fund to over $1M.
  • Created Foundation Day the day before convention, which includes two new signature fundraising events: the Beretta Conservation Leadership Award Gala and the Krieghoff Sporting Clays Shoot.
  • Earned coveted Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator.

To learn more about SCI Foundation’s accomplishments over the past six years, visit

Passing on the reins is bittersweet, but I know that incoming president Warren A. Sackman, III will continue the momentum, finding new ways to share our vison and increase our impact.

First for Wildlife,

Joseph Hosmer.

To learn how you can support SCI Foundation, please contact Joseph Hosmer, President at or Bob Benson, Executive Director at or (512) 655-2190.


Hunting Tourism Contributes $426 Million to African Economy.

Conservation -Results from a newly published study show that the overall contribution of hunting tourism in eight African nations is an estimated $426 million annually. More than 18,000 hunter tourists visit Africa every year. The study was featured in an article by Bloomberg Economics on June 9.

“This work demonstrates that hunting has a much more significant economic impact across southern and eastern Africa than previously thought,” stated Joseph Hosmer, President of SCI Foundation. The report was produced by Southwick Associates, a leading market research and economics firm specializing in outdoor industries.

“Our results show that a substantial number of jobs and income are created by each hunter who visits Africa, and by hunting collectively,” said Rob Southwick, President of Southwick Associates, Inc. The study investigated the extent of hunters’ annual spending and total economic contributions within an eight-country survey area between 2012 and 2014. More than 53,000 jobs, from South Africa to Ethiopia, are directly supported by the hunting industry.

“Considering that hunting occurs in regions where photographic safari operations and agriculture are often limited, the economic benefits of hunting are critical,” continued Southwick. Photographic tourism and agriculture may not be viable or provide sufficient income on large expanses of the rural African landscape. In many rural areas, hunting is a sustainable land use that offers economic opportunity and incentives for conservation.

“Hunting gives wildlife value and changes a community’s attitude towards conservation,” says Hosmer. “In areas that are supported by revenue generated by hunting, we see fewer human-wildlife conflicts, more tolerance towards problematic or dangerous species, and less poaching.”

The results from this report show that hunting tourism is a driving force in conservation and positively contributes to a sustainable future for Africa’s wildlife and local economies.

Read the featured story on Bloomberg Economics. Access to the Southwick Associates technical report and full story, The Conservation Equation in Africa, is available on SCI Foundation’s website here.

Featured News

Warren Sackman Elected New SCI Foundation President.

At the May SCI Foundation board meeting in Washington D.C. Warren Sackman accepted the nomination of a two-year term as the volunteer leader of the foundation. His term begins July 1, 2016 and will run until June 30 of 2018. Sackman takes the helm from Joe Hosmer who has served three consecutive two-year terms as President and now must step down due to term-limit restrictions.   Joe has helped lead the growth of the organization over a half decade — taking SCI Foundation to a whole new level.  SCI Foundation is now being recognized as one of the international leaders in conservation and education.

Warren and wife Maryann are long-time supporters and volunteers of SCI and the Foundation. He was most recently the SCI Foundation Treasurer and has served on the foundation board for a total of four years to date.  His wife is the current volunteer president of the Tri-state New York Chapter of SCI in Manhattan.  They are also members of the Hunter Legacy 100 Fund (HLF).

Hunting and volunteer service to hunting-related groups is a family affair. Warren has followed the lead of his parents, Alan and Barbara Sackman who taught him the importance of giving back through charitable philanthropy and volunteerism. In addition to being world class hunters, the Sackman’s take much pride in passing on the hunting tradition and heritage.  Several of Warren’s children are also hunters and recently their daughter Sara joined her parents and grandparents as a major donor to the HLF as its final 100th member.  Now, three generations of Sackman’s are members.

Warren will be joined by three other SCI Foundation officers in the new fiscal year:

  • Vice President – J. Alain Smith
  • Secretary – Craig Kaufman
  • Treasurer – Ralph Cunningham

We welcome Warren and the other officers and thank Joe Hosmer for his exceptional service to the foundation.

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Safari Club International Foundation Earns Coveted Four Star Rating

Development – Charity Navigator recently issued SCI Foundation a new rating of four out of four stars. The highest possible rating indicating the group adheres to the sectors best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient manner.  According to Charity Navigator, the Four Star rating shows that SCI Foundation exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in the Conservation area.

Each year, the nonprofit rating agency, Charity Navigator, evaluates charitable organizations based on accountability and transparency metrics as well as on their financial success. In doing so, Charity Navigator uses a fairly complex point system to determine the number of stars a charity has earned during the prior fiscal year. To get to this rating, Charity Navigator takes into consideration an organization’s governance structure, policies, and whether or not key information is included on the nonprofit’s website. For this, SCI Foundation received a score of 96 out of 100 possible points.

On the financial end, the rating agency looks primarily at an organization’s revenue growth and expenses. After reviewing SCI Foundation’s performance, the organization received the maximum number of points for its fundraising efficiency and low fundraising expenses.

Currently nearly eighty cents out of every dollar raised by SCI Foundation goes directly to program expenses, promoting wildlife conservation and outdoor education, ensuring sufficient wildlife populations now and educating future generations on how to sustain them. This exceptional designation helps to set SCI Foundation apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness.

SCI Foundation set a strategic goal to obtain the four star rating and is pleased to achieve this new status as it is a direct reflection of the groups on-going efforts to improve efficiency and generate new revenue to further its mission programs. Our cause is too important for us to rest on our laurels and be satisfied with what we have done.  Instead, we must look to the future to see what we can do next to be First for Wildlife.

To learn more about SCI Foundation contact Bob Benson, Executive Director at