Giving back to communities is a SCI value.  SafariCare Blue Bags are filled by chapters, individual members, church groups or even groups of schoolchildren or scouts. The contents may include medical, educational, and other relief supplies, or clothing and toys.  The Blue Bag is taken to remote areas of the world by hunters who have planned hunts in these regions. The supplies are delivered directly to villages, clinics, orphanages and schools, doctors, caretakers and teachers to use with people in need.  SCI and SCIF, like so many organizations, put forth enormous effort each year to help improve the quality of life throughout the world.

Hunters “Pay it Foward” in Uganda.

Beverly & John Landgraf continue to “Pay It Forward” by delivering two Amy Bell Blue Bag donations during their recent trip to Uganda.

Beverly delivered some much needed clothing and educational supplies to a small tribe during her recent trek to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Southwestern Uganda to view the Mountain Gorillas. She delivered this to the families who live in the Kanunga Village, which is close to the Congo border. The families receiving Beverly’s support rarely experience any kind of assistance in this very remote area and they were all very appreciative of her kindness.

John and Beverly did a second SCI Foundation Bell Family Blue Bag during their visit to Uganda. They delivered numerous school and teaching supplies, soccer balls and some medical supplies to the Kigumba Primary School at the Kigumba Village in the Nakaseke District of Central Uganda.

The Landgrafs purchased all the “Blue Bag” items locally with the assistance of their host, Uganda Wildlife Safaris. There were 30 very delighted students and 2 very grateful teachers. As always, the children’s smiles tell a story of appreciation.

With generous support from the Bell Family of Midland, TX and a long list of supporters, the SafariCare Blue Bag program has been revitalized and continues to grow.  This year alone, hundreds of hunters have taken Blue Bags to every corner of the globe, sharing the message that “Hunters Give Back.” 

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Bell Family Blue Bag Program

For an in-depth list of supplies, to order Bell Family Blue Bags, or receive information on delivering humanitarian aid to those in need, please click below or contact Karen Crehan at or call (520) 620-1220 ext. 231.

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SafarCare “Blue Bag” Guidelines