Mission-Driven Programs

Mission: SCI Foundation funds and directs worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education.

Conservation Major Projects

Focus: North American Wildlife

  • Alberta Elk Project
  • Colorado Mule Deer
  • East Mojave Water and Deer
  • Grizzly Bear in Southwestern Alberta
  • Kodiak Brown Bear
  • Missouri Black Bear
  • New Hampshire Moose
  • Predator-Prey Michigan Predator/Deer
  • Predator -Prey Montana Predator/Elk
  • Predator-Prey Newfoundland Predator/Caribou
  • Predator-Prey Washington Wolf/Deer
  • Wood Bison

Focus: African Wildlife

  • African Wildlife Consultative Forum
  • Anti-poaching
  • Chiredzi Black Rhino Trust
  • Economics of Hunting in Africa
  • Human-Wildlife Conflict
  • Lion Research: Tooth X-ray Methodology for Age
  • Determination of the African lion
  • Lion Research and Management
  • Wildlife Genetics Research
  • Zambia Lion Project

Focus: Asian Wildlife

  • Mongolia Argali Sheep
  • Mongolian Snow Leopard
  • Pakistan Snow Leopard
  • Tajikistan Argali Sheep
  • Ungulates in Vietnam

Education Programs

  • Education Sables have 5 fully endowed $100,000 college scholarships that have awarded $57,359 to 26 scholars since 2004. This past year, another $26,200 was awarded to 19 college students at 19 separate colleges, and with a grant from the HLF 100 Fund the first international scholarships were established at the Southern African Wildlife College for students majoring in conservation.
  • A youth program partnership between Education Sables and The Salvation Army
  • Outdoors, over the course of the past 4 years trained 383 Army staff to teach conservation education, 203 as archery instructors using the National Archery in the Schools Program, 32 as trainers to train more staff as archery instructors and 89 as Basic Rifle Instructors (BRI).
  • A newer youth program partnership with Boy Scouts of America is moving along a similar line of development where BSA volunteers will partner with SCI Chapters in teaching conservation education and the role of hunting and developing shooting sports.
  • $118,000 was distributed to SCI Chapters and Education Sables partners through SCI Foundation grant programs for youth in their communities this past year.
  • American Wilderness Leadership School and International Wildlife Museum programs introduce over 20k youth and 200 educators to sustainable-use conservation annually.

Humanitarian Services Programs

  • SCI members delivered 107 Blue Bags to Namibia, Limpopo, South Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Cameroon, Argentina, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kalahari, Tanzania, and Congo
  • SCI Foundation Humanitarian Services grants to SCI Chapters funded 23 Chapter Pathfinder events. Pathfinders are disables hunters, veterans, wounded military
  • personnel and terminally ill individuals.
  • SCI Chapter’s Sportsman Against Hunger programs donated more than 65,000 pounds of game meat to food shelves and organized feed the hungry events.
  • Thirteen SCI Chapters held 59 Sensory Safari events with more than 75,000 visitors

SCI Foundation Earns Coveted Four Star Rating

Click above image to see review on Charity Navigator.

Charity Navigator recently issued SCI Foundation a new rating of four out of four stars. The highest possible rating indicating the group adheres to the sectors best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient manner.  According to Charity Navigator, the Four Star rating shows that SCI Foundation exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in the Conservation area.

Each year, the nonprofit rating agency, Charity Navigator, evaluates charitable organizations based on accountability and transparency metrics as well as on their financial success. In doing so, Charity Navigator uses a fairly complex point system to determine the number of stars a charity has earned during the prior fiscal year. To get to this rating, Charity Navigator takes into consideration an organization’s governance structure, policies, and whether or not key information is included on the nonprofit’s website. For this, SCI Foundation received a score of 96 out of 100 possible points.

On the financial end, the rating agency looks primarily at an organization’s revenue growth and expenses. After reviewing SCI Foundation’s performance, the organization received the maximum number of points for its fundraising efficiency and low fundraising expenses.

Currently nearly eighty cents out of every dollar raised by SCI Foundation goes directly to program expenses, promoting wildlife conservation and outdoor education, ensuring sufficient wildlife populations now and educating future generations on how to sustain them. This exceptional designation helps to set SCI Foundation apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness.

SCI Foundation set a strategic goal to obtain the four star rating and is pleased to achieve this new status as it is a direct reflection of the groups on-going efforts to improve efficiency and generate new revenue to further its mission programs. Our cause is too important for us to rest on our laurels and be satisfied with what we have done.  Instead, we must look to the future to see what we can do next to be First for Wildlife.

To learn more about SCI Foundation contact Bob Benson, Executive Director at bbenson@safariclub.org.