There are many ways to support SCI Foundation.  Among them is our primary giving program— The Society of the Lion & Shield.

A bit of quick history, SCI’s original logo, the Lion & Shield, was created in 1972, redesigned with minor changes in 1995 and remains our official logo.  The significance of the items depicted in that logo are important.

The globe proudly show that we are dedicated internationally. The shield expresses defense of our rights as hunters.  The crossed spears represent our willingness to fight to protect those rights.  The lion, of course, depicts our courage in that endeavor.  

In keeping with the significance of the Lion and Shield logo, SCI Foundation’s overall giving program is named the Society of the Lion & Shield with the levels of giving based on animal names. The giving program works on a cumulative basis as you move up the levels over time and there are many levels and ways to donate as every dollar helps to fund our mission and sustain our organization.  Recognition comes from token benefit gifts and acknowledgements.

Recognition Gifts

New African Lion and Lioness level recognition gifts

Interested in learning more about SCI Foundation’s Society of the Lion & Shield Program?  Download the Lion & Shield brochure and donation form below or contact Kimberly Byers at or call (520) 620-1220 ext. #322.

Society of the Lion & Shield Brochure
Society of the Lion & Shield Giving Levels
Society of the Lion & Shield Donation Form
All donors will receive a signed SCI Foundation charitable gift receipt for tax-deductible purposes.

  • Pledges to SCI Foundation will be recognized at the pledged level, and recognition benefits for the pledged level will be awarded—as long as pledge payments remain current. If pledge payments lapse for any reason, recognition will stay at the amounts paid to date. Pledges can be made up to a 5-year period.
  • Cumulative giving is tracked by the SCI Foundation development department. The starting date is August 2010 and once a new Society of the Lion & Shield Animal Giving Level has been reached, a letter will be sent sharing the new recognition level.
  • Only operational and restricted gifts to the Foundation will count towards recognition levels.  SCIPAC donations, raffles, sweepstakes, and auction purchases do not apply.
  • One exception, In-Kind Donations to the SCI Foundation Conservation Leadership Award.  Live Auction may also count towards recognition levels. Only items with a Fair Market Value of $15,000 or greater will be eligible for inclusion in recognition totals. The final sale price of the item will be the recognized amount to count towards the recognition levels.

For further information about any of SCI Foundation’s giving programs, contact:

Bob Benson, Executive Director at 512-655-2190


SCI Foundation’s Giving Societies provide special recognition to donors for their cumulative giving. Donors are recognized at many different levels for both operational and restricted gifts—excluding the Hunter Legacy Fund. Please consider a meaningful gift today.

Wolf Level:

$100 – $249

Black Bear Level:

$250 – $499

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Yearly Donor Certificate

Whitetail Deer Level:

$500 – $999

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Yearly Plaque (6” x 8”)


Caribou Level:

$1,000 – $2,499

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Plaque (7” x 9”)

Elk Level:

$2,500 – $4,999

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Plaque (8” x 10”)

Cape Buffalo Level:

$5,000 – $9,999

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Plaque (8” x 10”)

Leopard Level:

$10,000 – $24,999

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Plaque (8” x 10”)

SCIF Bronze Lion and Shield Pin

Rhino Level:

$25,000 – $49,999

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Plaque (8” x 10”)

SCIF Silver Lion and Shield Pin

Elephant Level:

$50,000 – $99,999

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Plaque (8” x 10”)

SCIF Gold Lion and Shield Pin

Boyt Harness Duffel Bag w/SCI Foundation Logo

African Lion Level:

$100,000+ and up

Name in Annual Report

SCIF Plaque (8” x 10”)

SCIF Gold Lion and Shield Pin

Custom Bowie Knife from Buck Knives

Hickey Freeman Blazer with SCI Foundation logo patch

Gold Lioness Pendant by Madeleine Kay