By providing SCI Foundation with a gift today, you are doing your part to assist in the conservation of wildlife near and far.

After reviewing our website and learning more about our mission and programs, we hope you will consider making a donation to Safari Club International (SCI) Foundation. When you make a donation to SCI Foundation, you are:

  • Demonstrating to others the constructive role that hunting and hunters play in the conservation of wildlife (both game and non-game species) helping to sustain species and preserve biodiversity.
  • Informing, educating, and implementing activities that explain that sustainable-use hunting plays a major role in natural resource conservation and land management.
  • Working directly with our network of chapters and individuals to fund, design, and carryout national and local support programs for conservation, education, and humanitarian services to assist special needs and aid those less fortunate with resources and outdoor opportunities.

To learn even more about SCI Foundation, we invite you to visit our Facebook pages and blogs to get frequent updates on our mission programs and activities and see how your generous gifts help us preserve hunting traditions for generations to come.

If you haven’t already, please make your first gift today to help us continue our mission and to preserve wildlife and our hunting heritage forever. If you are an annual donor – thank you for your commitment to our cause as it is greatly appreciated and makes a real impact.

First for Wildlife,


Bob Benson – Executive Director

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