AWLS Student Session

For the past 33 years, SCI student sessions have been valuable as part of the summer programs at the SCIFˊs American Wilderness Leadership School in Jackson, Wyoming. This session is for ages 16 – 18.

The American Wilderness Leadership School’s seven-day student program presents a base knowledge of wildlife ecology and conservation learning that becomes a central point around which leadership training is provided. Students learn about the roles of leaders in a variety of situations and how to apply leadership skills that can launch them on their journey to become leaders for tomorrow in wildlife management and conservation.

Students participate in shooting sports and a white water raft trip. A major component of the program is an all-day hike and overnight camping trip in the mountains. The hike is an opportunity to apply learned leadership skills and to learn more about wildlife and plants in the area.

2015 Student Application (PDF)


To be considered for the American Wilderness Leadership School Program, a student candidate must:

  • Be presently enrolled as a high school student, 16-18 years of age;
  • Have demonstrated an interest in conservation issues and concerns;
  • Have satisfactory grades in school;
  • Have demonstrated an ability to work and communicate effectively with others;
  • Submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation;
  • Submit a 500-word statement as described in this application, if seeking local SCI Chapter Sponsorship.


Sue Hankner, Director of Education, SCI Foundation AWLS at

October – May

SCIF Education Department
4800 West Gates Pass Rd
Tucson, AZ 85745

May – October

SCI FoundationAWLS
9400 MacLeod Rd (Granite Ranch)
Jackson, WY 83001

*SCI Foundation/AWLS is a permittee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.AWLS is American Camp Association Accredited.

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