African Lion Level

Brook Minx

“Safari Club International Foundation, they just have whatever your interest happens to be for the conservation of wildlife and sustainable-use, that’s what we do.  If not us, who?”  Brook Minx

Thanks to incredible donors, volunteers and staff, SCI Foundation has made great strides in organizing and funding many mission critical programs. The SCI Foundation flagship donor program is the Society of the Lion & Shield.  The Lion & Shield program recognizes all levels of donors starting at the “Wolf Level” or those who’ve made gifts of $100-$250 and runs on up to our highest level of the African Lion who have given $100,000 or more.   Look for a new series of Donor Profile videos over the next several months that highlight some of our Lion-level supporters and allow you to get a closer glimpse of who these great people are and why they are so involved and invested in SCIF.  

If you would like to learn more about our Society of Lion and Shield, contact Kimberly Byers at 520-798-4891 or

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