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This month:

We honor Amy Bell and her many contributions as a philanthropist and hunter. This feature piece shares how her family will pay tribute to her through our SafariCare “Blue Bag” program worldwide.

We also take a look at our newly formed partnership with Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (H.O.P.E.), and how we are working with them and others to combat poaching in Africa.

Articles on Lion research in Tanzania, a new education camp program at the International Wildlife Museum sponsored by the HLF 100 Fund, and a spotlight on SCI Foundation Board Member and supporter Dennis Anderson are also featured.

SCI Foundation is making great strides in promoting our mission and the impact of wildlife conservation and education worldwide, the e-News allows us to share our successes with you and others. Please take a moment and forward this e-news to others on your mailing list to help us spread the word and continue to ensure that we are no longer looked at as “Conservation’s Best Kept Secret.”

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Anti-Poaching Efforts in Africa Aided by Uniform Donation.

Conservation – For the past two years, governments around the world have been discussing how to help address the global poaching problem. Increasing the awareness of poaching has been a success, but few on the ground actions have been taken to address the actual problems.

SCI Foundation and Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (H.O.P.E.) recently partnered in support of sustainable use, anti-poaching, anti-wildlife trafficking, and humanitarian efforts in Africa. Our first on the ground contribution to anti-poaching teams will be in the form of uniform donations.

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC) Academy Class 177, located in California, contacted SCI Foundation seeking opportunities to donate old uniforms to antipoaching units around the world.  A total of 252 pants, 407 shirts, and 55 jackets will be outfitting multiple African based anti-poaching units this summer.

H.O.P.E. is facilitating the transfer of uniforms to the Dande Anti-Poaching Unit (DAPU) in Zimbabwe, which patrols over 500,000 acres daily. DAPU is currently facing a crippling budgetary shortfall due to US and EU bans on the import of elephant trophies in Zimbabwe. These bans have led to a significant decrease in the safari sales, severely limiting their ability to support DAPU operations. The uniform donation allows funding to be allocated to equipment and training, and establishes a presence of H.O.P.E. and SCI Foundation. The uniforms will be patched with patrol unit numbers and SCI Foundation and H.O.P.E. logos.

“At SCI Foundation, we strive for on-the-ground progress,” SCI Foundation President, Joe Hosmer said. “H.O.P.E.’s experience in law enforcement and ability to provide the necessary resources to disrupt wildlife trafficking allows us to make a real impact.”

We thank the LETC for their generous uniform donation and hope they have set an example on how others can help African wildlife conservation. We hope to continuously help anti-poaching units such as DAPU meet their resource needs so they can instead focus on enforcement. SCI Foundation will remain poised to assist and advise on the development of such programs and demonstrate how hunter-conservationists can continue to contribute as the strongest advocates for curtailing poaching.

To learn more about SCI Foundation Conservations Programs, visit our Conservation webpage at or contact Matt Eckert at

Featured News

Bell Family Encourages Hunters to “Pay It Forward.”

Humanitarian Services – Whether known as a tenacious horsewoman, a seasoned traveler and huntress, a dedicated but private philanthropist, or as a “best friend” to many, Amy Doris Bell touched lives across the world. She loved her horses, her dogs, her family and friends, and she loved the Lord. She lived life with no handlebars, and she loved everyone to the ends of the earth. Her sudden death on May 16, 2014 left a void in the lives of her family and friends worldwide.

Amy was the youngest of three children of Ellen and Larry Bell of Midland, TX.  Amy was a Life Member of Safari Club International, as are her father Larry and her brothers Matthew Bell and Brian Bell.  Amy was also a Life Member of the American Quarter Horse Association and actively showed cutting horses and reined cow horses.  At her passing, Amy was the manager of the Comanche Springs Ranch and Kalpowar Quarter Horses, both Bell family companies.

The Comanche Springs Ranch in Weatherford, TX had been Amy’s home for several years.  It was on this ranch where she experienced some of her greatest joys, and it is here where she transformed from a little girl with all kinds of hopes and dreams, into a woman of faith, friends and a calling.  But being a ranch manger was not Amy’s “calling”… Living out her “cowgirl dream” – raising and showing horses, hunting and traveling, loving and serving her neighbor – especially children in need – was her calling.  And, she loved what she was doing.

Philanthropy was a quiet but important part of Amy’s life.  In her early twenties, she established the Amy Doris Bell Fund at the Permian Basin Area Foundation.  The Foundation’s primary focus was to support agencies worldwide that provided education and wellness for children.  Amy helped fund numerous projects with Child Fund International, Salvation Army, Feed the Children, and she also sponsored a much beloved child in Zambia.

Amy loved to travel and took the lead on numerous Bell family hunting and sight-seeing trips.  She traveled to Africa several times including trips to Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.  She also made hunting and sight-seeing trips to Spain and to New Zealand.  Wherever she went, Amy made close friends on these adventures and, along with all of her family, always looked for opportunities to “Pay It Forward” to those less fortunate.

Amy’s family is deeply committed to continue the legacy that Amy created by promoting her “Pay It Forward” spirit throughout the world.  Through the Bell family’s participation and membership in SCI, they became aware of the SCI Foundation’s Blue Bag SafariCare program.  During the annual SCI Convention in Las Vegas in February, Amy’s father Larry met with SCI Foundation’s Executive Director Bob Benson to discuss ways that the Bells might work with the Foundation in helping promote the SafariCare program in Amy’s memory.  During that time, the Bells agreed to become the sponsor of the Bell Family Blue Bag Program in memory of Amy.  The Bells have agreed to an initial commitment for five years to the program in the interest of promoting the “Pay It Forward” spirit throughout the world in the name of the SCI Foundation and their humanitarian support program.

“We all know that hunters are some of the most caring and giving souls on earth.  They care about people, they care about the conservation of animals and they care about leaving the world a better place than they found it. Hunter’s throughout the world make a special effort to give back to the communities they are visiting and hunting on a regular basis.  We hope that by spreading the word about this Blue Bag program in a more deliberate way we can bring attention to this pattern of giving where hunters are routinely Paying It Forward to those less fortunate all over the world.  We believe that making a significant contribution to this important Foundation project will continue Amy’s legacy of “Paying It Forward” and draw attention to the giving spirit of our SCI family.” Larry Bell, SCI Foundation Supporter and SCI Life Member.

It is with great joy that we announce this new partnership between the Bell family and SCI Foundation by establishing the Bell Family “Pay It Forward” Blue Bag program in memory of Amy D. Bell.  It is our firm belief that this new emphasis on this long-standing Foundation program that we will greatly expand our reach to those less fortunate throughout the world through the generosity and support of the SCI hunting family.

For more information on how you can help with the SafariCare “Blue Bag” and other Humanitarian Services programs visit our Humanitarian Services webpage at or contact Karen Crehan at

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Have you considered what you can do to preserve the hunting tradition? Including SCI Foundation in your estate plans is one of the simplest ways you can help secure the future of hunting.

Unfortunately, the future of hunting is far from secure and there is much that remains to be done to insure it is maintained. There are those that wish to eliminate hunting altogether, preventing us from implementing sound wildlife management and passing on our traditions to our children and future generations. Now is the time to take action to prevent this shortsighted and misguided vision from becoming a reality.

SCI Foundation needs your support to help us continue our work in wildlife conservation to insure that sound science is available to counter anti-hunting extremists and prevent them from using emotional arguments to control legislation; and fund and direct a wild array of conservation projects including anti-poaching efforts and fight illegal trade in wildlife.

Take pride in passing on your legacy to continue the hunting tradition in support of wildlife conservation and outdoor education by designating SCI Foundation in your family estate plans.

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