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For information about the International Wildlife Museum, please contact Kathy Butler, Assistant Director of the Education Department at (520) 620-1220, ext. 336 or email kbutler@safariclub.org.

HLF Grant Allows Sixty Youth from the Boys & Girls Club to Visit IWM

Thanks to a grant from the HLF, the first of two sessions filled to capacity totaling 60 youth, ages six to fourteen, from three Tucson-area Boys & Girls Clubs were able to visit the International Wildlife Museum on June 22, 2017. Their visit began with a presentation from Mark Hart, Public Information Officer for Arizona Game and Fish Department, on how the agency manages wildlife and what careers are in that field. This was the first time many of these kids had heard about wildlife management and the role it plays in conservation, as well as had the opportunity to visit the museum.

The youth then went on a Conservation Science Adventures tour, which included a guided tour of the museum focusing on wildlife conservation and an activity using skulls to learn about predator-prey relationships. The new Teddy Roosevelt exhibit and the Arizona Game & Fish presentation provided an introduction into the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Throughout the tour, the kids learned about how hunters and anglers pay for conservation and how wildlife populations are managed.

Before their visit to IWM, the museum education staff went to each of the Boys & Girls Clubs to gain interest and rev-up the kids’ excitement about visiting the museum. The kids were able to meet a live desert kingsnake, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, a box turtle and a Russian tortoise. This was a first for many of the youth!

The second session will be held in the Fall, offering the same opportunity to youth from the remaining three Tucson-area Boys & Girls Clubs. The HLF grant also includes having one college intern and two high school interns work for IWM. The interns have recently started working on various projects in the museum, based upon their interests.