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SCIF Sables Scholarships – Students Studying Conservation and Anti-Poaching

Education – In 2012, SCIF Sables submitted a grant to the Hunter Legacy 100 Fund requesting funds to start up a SCIF College Scholarship at the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) in South Africa.   The scholarships are financial assistance to students from African nations to study conservation and anti-poaching.  HLF provided funds in the first year of the scholarships.  SCIF Sables has continued funding of the scholarships.

With the beginning of a new group of students January 2017, Sables provided $20,000 in scholarship funds for students participating in the SAWC Higher Education and Training Protected Management Program. Four students that are already employed by the Ministry of Tourism & Arts of Zambia, Kruger National Park, Lusese Conservancy (Namibia) and a South African Game Farm were awarded scholarships.

These students expect to further their knowledge and to gain skills they can use in their employment positions where they are charged with protecting wildlife from poachers and sustaining wildlife populations.   They become educators of people in their populations sharing their knowledge of conservation and hunting.

SAWC is the only SCIF college scholarship outside the United States. SCIF Sables fully endowed five Sables Hunting Heritage Scholarships at universities in the United States for wildlife manager majors with support from individuals as well as through Sables fund raising efforts.  Scholars at these universities are selected by the university.

In 2015, Sables partnered with the SCI Minnesota Chapter to establish the first scholarship at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, MN for a law school student that supports conservation and the role of hunting.   The first scholar was selected in 2016.

Each year, Sables provide funding for sixteen scholars majoring in wildlife ecology attending universities of their choice. Applications for these four year undergraduate and two year upper level scholarships are being accepted.  A total of six new scholarships will be awarded in 2017.  The deadline to submit an application is April 15, 2017.  The application can be found on the SCI Foundation web site.