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HLF Grant helps SCI Convention Sportsman Against Hunger Event

Humanitarian Services – SCI members had the opportunity to volunteer for the 2nd Sportsmen Against Hunger TM Event the day before the 2017 Safari Club International (SCI) Convention.   SCIF Humanitarian Services and The Salvation Army partnered to feed the needy a delicious meal of wild protein that was comprised of elk and deer taken and donated from sportsmen and women.  Working in conjunction with Phillip Hollon of the Salvation Army, Co-Chairmen Gary Gearhart and Wayne Clark finalized the event months in advance of the actual date the meal would be served.

New this year, thanks to the Hunter Legacy Fund (HLF), the event received a special humanitarian grant to pass out much needed aid. HLF provided funding for beanie hats, socks, hand warmers, chap stick and candy bars; thus, making nights on the street a little more bearable in winter.  To prepare for this meal and handout of aid, one thousand of each of these essential items were ordered and prepared to be distributed to the needy.

Due to the mild winter climate, homelessness is abundant around the Las Vegas area. Hundreds of homeless people in tents, tarps and haphazard bedrolls line the streets near the Salvation Army’s kitchen facility.

Also, in preparation of the meal, Wayne Clark, Co-Chairman for the Sportsmen Against Hunger Committee processed 450 pounds of game meat to support the event. Steve Hein of Steve’s Meat Market in Arvada, Colorado helped prepare and package the meat for the feast to the needy.  Over a dozen SCI members assisted by other volunteers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Volunteer Program, and service men and women from Creech Airforce Base all donned aprons, and caps to serve a delicious hot meal of lean protein meatloaf to those in need on the cool afternoon of January 31st.  In total, this cadre of volunteers served 823 meals to those in need, up from last year’s total of 536.

Many who received the free meal of game meat were grateful, thanking servers and chefs alike with broad grins and handshakes. As diners left the tables to depart back to the streets, they received a bag with the beanie, socks, hand warmers, chap stick and candy bar.  The homeless, left amazed and with many smiles.  Several asked for a second bag, stating how important it was to help them during this time of year.

This is a fundamental cornerstone in which Chapters across the world can participate by gathering the meat, coordinating volunteers and then preparing meals to reach those in need. Humanitarian Services of SCIF located at the Tucson Office can provide an order form for aprons and caps to chapters, and help with planning your own Sportsmen Against Hunger Event.  Contact Dan Brooks at 520.345.9521 or 520.798.4908 to help plan a Sportsmen Against Hunger Event in your community.